Sax-Tiedemann Has Been Adapting to Meet Family Needs Since 1895

We’ve seen changes. And, on a count of that we’ve made changes. It’s hard to keep track of how many times we’ve added on to the original core of our building. With every new generation of families we’ve been serving for over a hundred years in some cases, or new first generations, and everyone in between, we’ve kept a careful eye on what changes have occurred that we could accommodate to make families feel more comfortable. Our rest and refreshment areas have been enlarged. Our parlors have seen brighter accents and more cozy furniture added to even larger space. Technology has enabled comforting changes too, with large screens showing highlights and videos of your loved one’s life, complete with music. An electronic registry has made it so much easier for families to acknowledge your kind presence with greater ease and efficiency. After arrangements are completed, we can pre-print envelopes for everyone who attended the services.

In the difficult days that follow a loss, we want our home to be your home; a warm and inviting place where you may greet your relatives and friends and leave all the large and small details to us. Being able to share memories and fellowship, and to celebrate the life of your loved one is the only concern we want you to have during the days you spend with us. While you provide and receive comfort from your family and friends, we’ll provide comfort to you with an environment that allows for everything you need. Because those needs are changing all the time, so are we. So, it may not always look the same every time, the warm and comfortable feeling you’ll have doesn’t change. We promise.

For information about pre-need or at-need services, please call 847-678-1950 or email us by clicking  We’re very happy to provide a tour of our facilities to any family who would like to visit us.

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