Individualized Funeral Services to Meet All Needs – Marty’s Blackhawks

Marty and his brother, John Campbell, shared season tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks. When Marty passed away, there was no question what he would wear. Well, actually there was. It was a big decision. It turns out that Marty was more of a Superfan than most fans and owned several Blackhawk Jerseys. In fact, he meticulously chose what to wear to games to celebrate or motivate a certain player that night. In his way, while he wasn’t skating, in hockey lingo; he did “Dress for the Game”.

Marty passed away too soon. For his family. And maybe even for his beloved Blackhawks. No question he’s rinkside cheering them on every game.
“Steve Dawson at Sax-Tiedemann knew how important this was for us and did everything we asked of him to honor Marty and his love for the Blackhawks and really demonstrate Marty’s love for life, his family and the team. The entire theme of his services included memorabilia, mass cards with “Here Come the Hawks” lyrics, and celebrated Marty the exact way he would have loved it to be done.” said John.

“Our biggest decision was who was Marty’s final honoree. As we went through each of his jerseys, it became clear to us who Marty would choose for this night;
Marian Hossa, or Hoss, as Marty knew him.”

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