Sax-Tiedemann – A Place of Learning


Sax Tiedemann almost always has students living and working in the Funeral Home, maintaining a long family commitment to helping train students to become professional Funeral Directors. This experience places students in the presence of real time, real life scenarios of serving families coming to the Dawson Family for their help at the most difficult time of their lives. Sean Sweetman (a faculty member at Worsham Mortuary School) and Beth Stolte, along with Sax-Tiedemann owner Stephen Dawson assist students in learning every element of embalming, funeral direction, legal requirements, and more important than any other thing; providing comfort.

Sydney Houghtalin, a prized student and wonderful young lady learned and learned well at Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home. She was a student/resident. The Dawson Family was her family for a year, while she was learning from Steve, Sean, Beth and Tim Dawson, who was serving as an apprentice during Sydney’s student tenure at Sax-Tiedemann. Sydney has graduated now and served her apprenticeship. She’s starting her professional career. The lessons she was taught, and those she caught, at this remarkable learning environment are ones she’ll carry with her into her professional life. Stephen Dawson refers to her as “among the most exceptional students we’ve ever had here”. Sean and Beth agree. Steve’s son Timothy who was serving his apprenticeship while she was a student takes full credit for showing her the best way to wash and wax a hearse.

She learned everything.

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