Funeral Services You Can Put Your Complete Faith In

When we lost our dad, we didn’t know what to do. Mr. Dawson said, “We’ve got it from here”.

Moises Merlos is a student. And a very responsible son. His family relied upon the advice of church members who suggested Stephen Dawson and Sax-Tiedemann could help. Moises shares that his father was the provider for his family and made key decisions. The Staff at Sax-Tiedemann helped reduce the stress on his family and made funeral arrangements the family desired to honor their loved one.

You never know what can happen to the most dependable people in your life. In the case of the Merlos family, they relied on their friends at their church, who have relied on Sax-Tiedemann to understand and help. And they did. When Stephen Dawson says “We’ve got it from here”; he means it. And he did. Moises is back at college and an outstanding soccer player there.

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