Funeral Services Supported by Local Faith Prayer Ministries



“I feel good in my heart being part of the Bereavement Ministry”

Those are the words of Jean Wesolowski who is a bereavement minister at St. Maria Goretti Parish in Schiller Park and a frequent visitor to Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home. The church community is always there among friends and families to assist in any way they can; to grieve with them and provide grief support. The ministries of all the parishes and congregations surrounding and served by Sax-Tiedemann are welcomed to be a part of the funeral services for families. “Having familiar faces from your own faith community is something families truly appreciate at funeral services. Extended members of the family are very grateful to encounter the fellow members and friends of their loved ones. They perform a wonderful service to families who are coping with their loss, because they feel the loss too”, states Stephen Dawson, funeral director and owner of funeral home now into its fourth generation of family service.

“We do what people would like, be it a little bit or more” says Jean Wesolowski, adding, “the people are so touched and so grateful. We’re there to love them and hug them”. The group talks together, prays together and share memories. They celebrate the life and friendship together. That is what ministry truly is.

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