The 4th Generation of our family to serve our community


Timothy Dawson, son of Stephen & Tammi Dawson and grandson of Clyde & Jean Tiedemann Dawson has become a Licensed Funeral Director. Timothy will be the 4th Generation of his family at the family owned and operated Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home in Franklin Park.

He didn’t exactly hurry in. As Tim states, “I took a while to find out exactly what I wanted to do. I remembered doing odd jobs around the funeral home while younger. After college, it occurred to me how comfortable I felt here and what a special place this was.”

For Stephen & Tammi Dawson and Clyde & Jean Dawson, Timothy’s entry into Mortuary School was a celebratory moment. Being a funeral director is something a person should enter into freely and with dedication to the families in the community, and the person doing so must hear that calling on their own. Timothy did, and is, now working his way toward the legacy of 3 generations before him.

Family-owned and operated funeral homes are the most important kind. The generational legacy of service and connection between the Dawson’s (Tiedemann’s) and the congregations, parishes, organizations and communities in the area are over a hundred years and growing. Another generation is a blessing. We’re continuing that legacy and we thank each and every family that has entrusted us with the care of their loved ones.

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