Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home prides itself on being a “teaching” funeral home.


The service ministry of Sax-Tiedemann to families goes even beyond the families being served who have experienced a loss. With a long time commitment to training students and interns in becoming Funeral Directors, Sax-Tiedemann provides an opportunity year round to students to study and live at the Funeral Home. In addition to serving as a Senior Funeral Director, Sean Sweetman is a faculty instructor at Worsham College of Mortuary Science. Being an intern at Sax-Tiedemann is a highly sought after opportunity according to Sydney Houghtalin, a former student, now Licensed and practicing Funeral Director. As Sydney states unequivocally, “everyone wants to come to Sax-Tiedemann because it’s the best opportunity to be really involved in all aspects of our profession.” Sean adds, “it’s rare to get this much of a hands-on opportunity, living and working at the funeral home.”

Our Funeral Home has always been dedicated to our profession, and helping students acclimate into this vocation is very important. “It’s important to the profession itself that students and young interns learn the very best practices in becoming funeral directors. It’s absolutely within our mission and our ministry to help promote and advance our calling and theirs”, states Stephen Dawson, President of the Funeral Home, and the 3rd Generation of his family’s ownership and operation of Sax-Tiedemann. He adds, “we learn too with every student that comes to us.”

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