We’re Glad We Came to Sax-Tiedemann

Moises Merlos is a College Student Athlete. A very young person to be responsible for making funeral arrangements for his father. The choice was made with the help of a member of his church community. That recommendation proved to be a very wise one. Stephen Dawson understood immediately how much pressure Moises and his family were under with the passing of Mr. Merlos. He was the provider to his family and took care of all of the important matters. For Moises, this was a lesson in growing up very quickly. With Steve’s help, everything was taken care of for a family that really needed extra help to get through this difficult time. As Moises said, “Soon we didn’t have to stress about anything, it was all taken care of for us, so we could just concentrate on our dad”. 
Sax-Tiedemann has been part of their community for close to a century. When the community suffers a loss, they feel it too, and they’re there to help. The Merlos Family loss was sudden and severe. The Dawson Family at Sax-Tiedemann has been around for all of the families in Franklin Park and the surrounding area to minister to families who experience a loss. Especially the very tough losses where families really need a little bit more help than usual. We’re glad they came here too! 

For information about pre-need or at-need services, please call 847-678-1950 or email us by clicking info@sax-tiedemann.com  We’re very happy to provide a tour of our facilities to any family who would like to visit us.

To Connect with Sax-Tiedemann:

Blog: https://saxtiedemann.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sax-Tiedemann-Funeral-Home-291955471008458/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaxTiedemannFH

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/saxtiedemann

Website: https://www.sax-tiedemann.com/

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